Arrival at Maldives and Bandos Resort – July 2021 – With COVID Travel Restrictions – Gemelle Channel   July 15, 2021   Full Video       Our arrival in Maldives in early July 2021. A beautiful sunny day during

  Pokemon Go – Doha, Qatar – Oryx Hotel and Lounge Pokestops – Tropius Catch – Gemelle Channel July 12, 2021 Full Video         Pokemon Go Gyms and Stops around Doha Oryx Hotel and Lounge. With Tropius Sighting

  Sim Card for Cancun? What are the current Data plans? Especially if you play Pokemon Go! – July 2020   Want to Play Pogo in Cancun!  Be SIM Card Ready!:   7-Eleven or Oxxo both carry Telcel Sim Cards: