Custom artwork by cara

looking for custom art?

Want a cute Anime-Style Chibi caricature of yourself or your friend??

Want a custom caricature of yourself with your favorite Pokemon?

Want your favorite pokemon in a custom art design?

Or a caricature of you and your beloved pet??


Then you’ve come to the right place!!


Cara loves to draw!  All her artwork comes in full color.   All hand-drawn with Apple Pencil.  Generally, they come in 2400 pixels x 3000 pixels (8″ x 10″ 300PPI) file sizes when done unless you specify otherwise.


Her turn-around time is 3 to 5 days.  Depending on the complexity of your project.  She can even create a single-panel comic book artwork for you!  She does it all the time for her classwork.


Just let her know what kind of work you’re interested in.  


If you want a caricature, please have a selfie of the person you wish turned into an anime character ready to send over with your payment. 


Payment will be via Paypal.  But please email Cara first to confirm the details or your custom artwork.

  Email Cara


Cara uses the earnings from her artwork to help pay for school and sport field trips.  She loves softball.