Our Place Spruce/Bamboo Steamer Baskets Unboxing with Viewers Requested Follow Up Below March 4, 2021 Full Video https://youtu.be/shxTpB0Ny1E OUR PLACE $20 OFF LINK: http://fbuy.me/v/gemellechannel Bamboo Steamer Follow Up Video: https://youtu.be/Km5dy-swnuU Handwoven spruce walls with a bamboo base, FSC-certified, ethically-sourced lightweight wood

  Roadpal Head Rest – As Seen on Facebook – Honest Review with Assembly Tips and Generic Alternative Option July 29, 2020 Full Video https://youtu.be/5CpgE1w9WLE   The Roadpal was advertised on Facebook. I searched for similar products on Amazon and decided to

  LED Foldable Selfie Light Lamp Unboxing for Vloggers – As Seen on Facebook May 19, 2021 Saw this on Facebook but it’s a common Foldable LED Selfie Light Lamp! Amazon has it for a lesser price. ❤️ Foldable LED Selfie Light

  Upright Go 2 – 3 Week FollowUp Review – Worth It? Did it Work? -Viewers Requested   Upright Go 2 – Posture Corrector Trainer Necklace – Unboxing March 15, 2021 Full Video https://youtu.be/IfLNeW-8o-Q Unboxing Upright Go 2 Posture Corrector/Trainer with Necklace

  $200 Our Place Frying Pan Unboxing – As Seen on Facebook – with $20 OFF LINK November 17, 2020 Full Video https://youtu.be/Dos7F68RC84   OUR PLACE $20 OFF LINK: http://fbuy.me/v/gemellechannel Unboxing a $200 Frying Pan from Our Place. Non-stick pan. A follow-up

  Cool Graphic Tees Unboxing from Teeturtle – Bunny Panda Ramen Shirts! – As Seen in Facebook Ads November 26, 2020 Full Video https://youtu.be/L1V9I_CSkuw   Licensed and unique graphic tees at Teeturtle! Discovered them on a Facebook Ad https://www.teeturtle.com/  

  $100 Kizik Easy to Slip On Shoes Unboxing – As Seen on Facebook November 22, 2020 Full Video https://youtu.be/qjoVZWfkNJY   Use my referral code for $20 off !  Kizik – Worlds Easiest to slip on shoes unboxing. Saw funny ad on

  April Skin Products – Calendula & Carrot Unboxing – As Seen on Facebook August 20, 2020 Full Video https://youtu.be/7-vJP8kEXJc April Skin Products – Calendula & Carrot Line Unboxing. April Skin is another popular Facebook Ad product. April Skin is a similar