Sim Card for Cancun? What are the current Data plans? Especially if you play Pokemon Go! – July 2020


Want to Play Pogo in Cancun!  Be SIM Card Ready!:


7-Eleven or Oxxo both carry Telcel Sim Cards:


Sim Card = 29$

Pesos 1.3 GB Plan = 100$ Pesos (that’s on 4G network)

3.0 GB Plan = 200$ Pesos


In Mexico, they call a Sim Card “Sim Chip”. If you need to refill your card, just say “recargar” or “recharge sim chip” at 7-Eleven, Oxxo, or most supermarkets.


Everyone is really friendly and most understand basic English in the Cancun Hotel Zone area.


Verizon users, if you have the unlimited plan, you get 0.5 GB of 4G data DAILY for free. Phone calls to and from Mexico to the US are free as well. My husband didn’t need a Telcel SIM since he doesn’t play Pokemon Go and he got reception everywhere in Cancun, except Holbox Island.


@Pokemon Go Players – Lots of Pokemons, Pokestops, and Gyms in Cancun. We also caught Heracross, Corsola, Maractus, and Tirtouga during our stay. We couldn’t find any Carnivine. Maractus tends to come out at dawn and dusk on sunny weather.


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