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Product Unboxings

We focus our unboxings on fun family-friendly products.

It ranges from electronics to toys to household items.

Currently, we have videos on:

Product Unboxings

travel Vlog

We travel all over the world looking for fun family-friendly places.  We’ve been to Thailand, Bali, Hawaii, and Orlando with the kids.  Our vlogging adventures began in 2020.

We have videos on:

Our Travel Vlog

Pet & Pet products

No family is complete with a pet!  Our main purpose is to promote pet adoptions.  We’ve been fans of the Silver Cloud Special Cat Services in Walla Walla for years.  Now with our 2 new adopted bunnies, Honey and Honeydew, we’re now fans of the Rabbit Rescue in Paramount as well.

Our videos about pets:

Our Bunnies

About us

The Gemelle Channel is a fun family-friendly channel on YouTube. We love unboxings, product reviews, reveal Pokemon cards & plushies, bunny videos, and visit fun places! Our focus is on household items and activities that work well with children (and furbabies).

We’ve made over 100+ videos with more on the way.

You never know what will arrive at our doorstep for us to unbox and review … and half the time … we don’t know either! Enjoy the surprise!

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custom artwork by cara

You can request custom artwork by Cara.


Prices start at $15 depending on the style of artwork.

Single Chibi Character starts at $15

Double Chibi Characters starts at $25

Pokemon Character starts at $15

Single Comic Panel starts at $30


All artwork comes with FULL color.

Proceeds go to help Cara pay for her school & sports field trips.

Or check out Cara’s Procreate Playlist on YouTube.

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