Cara and Kay have traveled all over the world.  We’re always on the lookout for fun family places that works well with little kids.  Oahu and Maui are terrific places in the US to travel, but we have gone international too.


In 2017, we traveled to Krabi, Thailand, and stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort.  It has a huge family room with bunk beds for the kids.  Also had fun water slides too.  Little mushroom huts were within a 1-minute walk from the resort so we can buy take-out.  There is even a little SIM Card store in the mushroom huts area that was a lifesaver when it came to playing Pokemon Go.


In 2018, we traveled to Bali, Indonesia.  We stayed near Kuta Beach.  The Bali Garden Beach Resort was a great family-friendly hotel.  Very close to the beach and right next to the Discovery Shopping Mall that provided us with everything we needed.  We got our SIM cards from the airport to continue playing Pokemon Go.  Massages here are wonderful!


In 2019, we went to Orlando, Florida, and had a blast at Universal Studios for 4 days.  If you love Harry Potter, you must visit Universal Orlando.  We booked through Costco Travels and it was a terrific experience.


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