ONE day at Six Flags Magic Mountain – June 22, 2021

Full Video:


Our 8-Year Old Experience  Six Flags Magic Mountain for the first time.

This was the 1st Day after Mask Mandate ends at Magic Mountain.

Although we reserved our tickets middle of May 2021, it was no longer needed since anyone can enter the park on June 22nd.

We covered the following info in the video:

  • We had to work up 8-year old up to the bigger rides as she’s never been on a coaster before.  I began with the kiddie rides first.  
    • PRO TIP if you travel with young kids:  Turn right to start at the kiddie rides.  Magic Mountain is a circle.  Teen rides STARTS to the left, Kids rides STARTS to the right.
  • As for Pre-Paid Meal Plans, we skipped it due to lack of variety for food (burgers & pizzas)
  • Food lines were very long for Meal Plan options too, so not worth the wait for us since we’re only there for a single day. 
  • We got the Unlimted Drinks Cup.  It was only worth it for the unlimited ice!
    • PRO TIP:  ASK FOR LOTS OF ICE because you can always get more to drink, but you don’t want lukewarm soda cause there wasn’t enough ice to chill it.
  • We did see parents with strollers in the park.  We also saw a wagon too.  If you are bringing one, Magic Mountain currently allows them inside the park.
  • Parking is $25 and you no longer need to pay it online in advance. Credit cards only. No Cash accepted on June 22, 2021 for parking.


June 22, 2021 – A few rides were closed and several eateries were closed as well. Generally, the meal plan options locations were fully opened. Rides were constantly breaking, such as the Ninja, Revolution, Metropolis, and just had to be there at the right time to get on them. Magic Mountain does not offer express passes should rides break down while we begin the experience, unlike Disneyland. So be prepared to wait.