La Quinta Inn @ Six Flags Magic Mountain during COVID – June 2021- Travel Vlog

We stayed 3-days and 2-nights at the La Quinta Inn at Valencia in Santa Clarita County.  

Full Video:

We stayed while the hotel was still in COVID restrictions.


The breakfast was a bagged lunch of Jimmy Dean sandwich, Yoplait yogurt, muffin, and apple juice. We stayed 2 nights at the La Quinta Inn in Santa Claria, Valencia area.


Nice 2-Star Inn.


Very convenient.


We stayed right when the face masks mandate lifted. So the hotel guests weren’t wearing face masks but all the staff still wore them.


Housekeeping also didn’t visit except to collect trash and deliver new towels around 9am in the morning.


The location is surrounded by plenty of shops and restaurants.


It was a 10-minute drive to Magic Mountain, although getting past the parking toll booth took an additional 20 minutes.


If you love In-N-Out, it’s right across the street from La Quinta Inn.