Oryx Hotel – Doha, Qatar – Honest Review

July 2021

Video https://youtu.be/-MIdjMizggw?t=147

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We stayed for 5 hours at the Oryx Hotel during our layover in Qatar. The hotel is a nice hotel but based on pictures and our booking, we were expecting 3 king-size beds for the family room. However, we didn’t get that. It was definitely 3 beds but the room was much smaller than expected. It is however located in a very convenient location in the Doha Airport.


The room was a bit dark and I felt it could use more lighting.


I was disappointed that the amenities provided in the room were only for 3 people. I specifically sent several emails to the Oryx Hotel to make sure there were amenities for 4 people. That didn’t happen. So I wasted a lot of energy and effort communicating with them in advance. But I brought my own items to be safe and we were able to shower and get refreshed before continuing our flight.


The water pressure was on the weak side and it took a long time to get 3 girls showered and dried. But the shower area was spacious.


We also got the room at the VERY end of a very long hallway. Not sure if it’s because it’s the Family Room or we just got unlucky. Traveling with 2 kids and with limited time in a layover, we had to cancel our booking for the return trip based on this experience. There’s no way we would be able to get all of us shower, refreshed, and out of that room with only a 3-hour layover.  But it was definitely worth staying here when we had a 5-hour layover.