Grand Sierra Resort Review

July 2021 Visit – 5 nights, 6 days

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After returning from the Maldives, we were expecting the same 4-star service back in the US. However, we were shocked how short-staffed the GSR was. We arrived at 10am and did a pre-check in. They did a rush on our room and said we will receive a text message that it was ready. It was 2pm (check in was at 3pm) and we still haven’t received the text. We waited 30 minutes in a line where NO ONE was there to give out keys. Finally, 10 minutes after I got our keys, I get a text saying our room was ready.


We got a chance to explore the facilities in the 4 hours and discovered many stores were closed. The “Kids Club” toy store only opens Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The game area was expensive and mostly video games, no carnival-style games. The claw machines were $2 per game. After 30 minutes the kids had no interest in playing in this area.


By the 2nd day, we discovered they don’t provide housekeeping during COVID. We got back to our room after being out all day only to find no fresh towels and nothing has been cleaned. Took us over 10 minutes to reach someone at the front desk to only be told they don’t provide housekeeping.


I asked for fresh towels and trash pickup but all I got was towels. We took care of our trash for 5 days. When the towels were delivered, they just gave us trash bags and told us to do it ourselves. On the 4th day of our stay, they gave us only 3 sets instead of the usual 4 sets. I requested one more set and the guy gave attitude about requesting one more set.


To get the towels picked up was an entirely different drama. I had to constantly request for our used towels to be picked up. Since the people who deliver towels don’t pick up the used ones.


On the last night of our stay, the housekeeping person took care of our trash. We were really shocked because I told him he’s the ONLY ONE to do that all week. He found it odd because he said it’s been in the system the whole time.


I definitely expected better from a 4-star hotel. If they were short-staffed or didn’t provide basic services, they should have notified the guests in advance.


Also if you plan on staying here Friday night, be prepared for loud party music until at least 1:00 AM at the pool.


If you’re child has sensitive skin, you may want to check the pool water before entering.  My little one has eczema and after seeing certain things float on top of the water, she turned around and gave up on the pool.