Travel Max Carry On Backpack Unboxing, Review, Comparison to Other Carry On Bags with weight challenge

June 26, 2021

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Lightweight carry-on backpack. Not a lot of bells and whistles but it has all the features that matter. Nice nylon with a nice water-repellent fabric.  Zippers are ok, not the best.


Nice mesh compartment for clothing on the inside with a zipper. Also has a few other smaller compartments for other carry-on items. Pretty standard carry-on bag. The bag weighs only 2 pounds which is the lightest I’ve seen for a carry-on backpack that has a height of 19.5″.


I will be taking this bag overseas to travel and will update my review should it not work out.


Qatar Airlines has a one-piece carry-on limit with a 15 pounds max.  I’m hoping we can carry-on all necessary items and not go over the weight limit.


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