Roffie Automatic Pet Feeder Unboxing, Setup, and Reaction

June 26, 2020

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Setting up the Roffie for our pet rabbits. Most pet feeders have large portion sizes meant for dogs and cats. But this particular model can dispense as small as 1 Tablespoon. This is perfect because our vet said our rabbits should get more than one TBSP per day per rabbit.


Our kids often overfeed the bunnies so having an automatic dispenser takes out the guesswork of who fed the rabbits that day. It also works great for vacation time too.


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Update on June 26, 2021 – One Year Later, the battery we placed into our Roffie is still going strong and the pellet dispenser works beautifully each day.  Honey and Honeydew LOVES the Roffie!