Qatar Doha Oryx Hotel & Oryx Lounge Experience with Kinder Surprise Egg Opening – Gemelle Channel

July 11, 2021

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This lovely hotel is on the 3rd floor of the Doha Airport in Qatar. It’s very easy to find, right next to the big bear statue which is next to the Christian Dior counter. Very central location. The Oryx Lounge (Priority Pass Lounge) is on the 2nd floor.

Pro Tip:  Need at least a 4-hour layover to really enjoy this hotel.  We had a 5-hour layover.   Anything less, it may not be worth the price for this INSIDE the airport hotel.  It is quite pricy.  But we used Chase Sapphire Points to cover the costs.


However, it is a great place to self-isolate to avoid the crowd during COVID.  Also, the beds are very comfortable, and being able to unwind after a 16-hour flight is priceless when traveling with kids.


If you only need a shower without the hotel room, they have showers on the 4th floor for $27 USD per person as of July 2021.