Dinictis vs Kenneth Cole 20” Carry On – Content & Weight Challenge – Bunny Cameo


Full Video:  https://youtu.be/CeH4po0wE7k



Traveling has become more challenging with all the weight restrictions by airlines.  Qatar Airlines only allows for ONE carry-on at 15 pounds maximum and 20″ in height as of June 2021.  


Our original Kenneth Cole Reaction Carry-On that we took to Cancun in 2020 on American Airlines worked well.  But AA had more generous weight and height restrictions.


Hence, we solved our weight issues by purchasing a lighter carry-on and we chose Dcinitis from Amazon.  We were able to move all our contents from the Kenneth Cole Carry-on that was weighing at over 20 pounds to our new Dcinitis Carry-On.


Turns out it only weighed in at 10 pounds, since the original weight of Dcinitis weighed in at 2.5 pounds before any content was added.


Unfortunately, using a backpack style carry-on means we won’t be able to use the wheels and won’t have the hardshell case protection, but being able to bring more content was very important traveling international.  We can’t risk any lost luggage, especially when we won’t be able to shop for replacement products at our final destination.  Maldives has set tight travel restrictions this year (summer 2021) and we have no access to regular shops.


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