Bunnies eating Home Grown Fresh Lavender – Filmed by Cara

Uploaded on June 2, 2021

A Video by Cara made on May 2021

Full Video https://youtu.be/rdEcW6y0mNY


Honey & Honeydew LOVE eating fresh lavender grown in the backyard.


Lavender is among the plants that are completely safe for rabbits to eat. You can give lavender to your rabbit fresh or even dried, allowing your rabbit to forage for the yummy pieces of lavender. Some evidence suggests that lavender can even act as a relaxing agent for rabbits, helping them to calm down and chill out.


Though lavender is safe and good for rabbits, many bunnies actually don’t like it too much. This plant often left alone in a garden, even when rabbits have access to it. This is likely due to lavender’s strong scent and prickly texture. But every once in a while, you’ll come across a rabbit who’s not picky and is happy to eat anything, including lavender.


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