Mochi’s recommendations for shih tzu

Mochi was born March 29, 2022.  Mochi is a purebred shih tzu.  She is also our first puppy.  We generally adopt from the shelter but Kay always wanted her very own puppy so this was her dream come true.


Shih Tzus are excellent with little kids.  They are patient and very tolerant of the physical demands from children.  Mochi is constantly being picked up and surrounded by other children.  Mochi never flinches or get scared when she’s swarmed by people.  In fact, she allows everyone to walk up to her and give her belly rubs.  The temperament of this shih tzu amazed us.


Now, potty training is a whole other issue.  This is where their stubbornness comes in.  But once we got past that, everything was a breeze.


Even though we only had Mochi for a few months, we discovered a whole new world of puppy products.  Things we never needed when we had a Chow Shepherd mix.  But with a toy breed, there are certain products that’s just too cute NOT to own.


Here is the recommendations from Mochi from her favorite online store – Amazon.  We purchased many things.  Returned quite a few as well.  But after testing these products out for a few months, these are the ones that are keepers.